"We're In the Business of Helping People."
-Irene Burnstein

Our Mission

The Sanford & Irene Burnstein Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to achieving an individual's highest potential through initiatives which enrich lives.  

The Foundation contributes primarily to Tulsa and Tulsa-area programs which promote community well-being, education and self-sufficiency, health, the advancement of human rights, the arts, and the Jewish community. 

The Foundation considers innovative and on-going efforts which serve the public, are inclusive of all people and non-discriminatory. The Foundation seeks to direct its resources to broad-based solutions which address community challenges. 

Our History

The Foundation was established by Stan & Irene Burnstein to improve the lives of individuals and families. Irene, a lifelong Tulsan, and Stan, who was raised in Chicago, have made Tulsa their home, built a business, and raised their family here. Their mission is to create hope and opportunity for those less fortunate through the family Foundation. Working with their children and grandchildren, Stan and Irene seek to ensure future generations embrace philanthropy and generous giving in their own lives. 

Sanford & Irene Burnstein Foundation 4110 S Rockford, Suite 200 Tulsa, OK 74105 US (918) 749-1140